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A South London resource for neurodiverse girls and their families


We currently run a group for teenagers 13-18 who can socialise independently or with arms-length support but who would like the opportunity to meet up away from the pressure to keep up and conform with their neurotypical peers. 


While not a support group, building these social connections with others who have similar experiences has a positive impact on wellbeing and can build confidence and self-esteem.


We have a small amount of funding thanks to a SMILE TOGETHER GRANT from the Maudsley Charity which  enables us to arrange subsidised activities. In the last few months, we have attended the cinema several times, played indoor golf, had art classes , gone bowling and go karting. While the girls are busy having fun the parents can talk and .share experiences and provide informal support.

Other groups are in the pipeline - if your daughter doesn’t fit our current profile do get in touch. Once we have sufficient numbers of similar ages and interests, new groups can start. Please note that we are 2 mums who volunteer and are not paid to arrange this group. 


I am also keen to be involved in mental health discussions locally and nationally. Unfortunately some ND girls have comorbid mental health conditions such as eating disorders, self harm, body dysmorphia, depression and anxiety. School refusal sadly is sometimes also present. Many parents do not know their child or young person's legal rights in those circumstances.



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