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M,  London

"Tanya’s support has been invaluable and has made an enormous difference to my experience of negotiating the EHCP ‘journey’. 


She has answered my questions, helped me work out next steps, flagged up ‘hazards’, offered forward-thinking advice on educational choices and made me aware of options, drawn attention to important timescales and checked in with me to add further suggestions as various scenarios have cropped up along the way.

Tanya has been very supportive, practical and responsive and I am very grateful to have benefitted from her considerable experience in this area.” 

J, London 

" All of Tanya's advice ( was useful) especially advice about evidence needed, how to find it, how to put it together, how to appeal....I feel more confident in facing this whole EHCP process. I felt heard and guided into what my child needed. Tanya treated my case as an individual case whilst at the same time using her vast experience of general trends/advice and tailored that for my child. Extremely helpful"

I, London 

" Appreciate the time and can tell Tanya's very knowledgable"


B, London 

" Very helpful, the best I have felt since my son was first having problems at school. The clarity is amazing, wonderful support and information." 

P, London 

"Tanya held my hand through one of the most difficult and stressful periods in mine and my daughter's life. My local authority wouldn't budge and I knew the school that they wanted her to go to was unsuitable. I took them to tribunal. Tanya stepped in and helped me to navigate the legal system and really helped me to stop them in their tracks. Her advice was put into place at every point of the navigation. My local authority pulled their case before we went to court.. She is now accessing the best school. The change is unbelievable in this child and well worth the fight but I couldn't have done this without Tanya. Tanya you actually saved a child from sinking and you saved her mother from loosing the plot. I highly recommend Tanya she is utterly amazing. "

A, Wolverhampton 

"Thank you so much for the advice and insight in how to further navigate this web of information and process"

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